COME !Learn the GAME!

Have you ever played chess ? Can you play chess or any other game without knowing the rules ? NO right ! Then how do we play and not only do we play teach our children the way to live life ! Do you know the rules of the Game of life ?wp-1482756038118.jpg
We often forget that we all have playing our roles in the game of life and the universe is a the board for the game … it have the challenges, penalty, perks, brownie points and much more just like we have in any other board game … BUT what happens after the game is over is what interests me a lot …. after the game is over -The king and the pawn.. the winner or the loser… even the ones who got eliminated from the game go back into a same box before its closed !

Games teach kids how to solve puzzles, figure out things for themselves and comprehend fun situations, but is that all there is to life?
Without squeezing all the fun out of a kids existence, we must admit that there is something more to real life than ‘fun and games.’ What about spirituality? Unless our kids are clones of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, we cannot expect them to acquire values like selflessness, compassion, kindness, and love from a video game. Moral values are developed as a child begins to grow up and parents are expected to teach children these values.
Spirituality is not just for adults..
The fun, satisfaction and real sense of achievement is in playing the game properly and with knowing that you are a SPIRIT BEING HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE NOT A HUMAN BEING HAVING A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE !

We need to teach our children the values of life and help them enhance them… I truly believe Game of Life (a program that we offer) helps our young to learn gratitude, respect, compassion, love !
We assume adults have the responsibility to help our children learn and practice enthusiasm and forgiveness. For parents, these are opportunities to practice openness and listening.
Discover the blessings of being spiritual companions to our children, grandchildren, and young friends. REMEMBER our children teach us far more than what we teach them…. Indulge in the stream of spirituality not only for yourself but also your children ! Help them understand the Game Of LIFE Before they start playing it !


Maritude Test ! Take it soon! You might be Infected !

YOU might be INFECTED !! Have you taken the TEST yet! 

Haven’t we all heard about how important and necessary it is to take an aptitude test before we choose what career to pick ?


MARITUDE TEST !  Take it Before to it’s Late!

Have you ever taken a test that looks into your reasoning and numerical capacity before you are chosen for a job role?

I’m sure most of us have gone through a entrance exam test before we are admitted to a university or college !

Oh even the little children have to go through an interview to so that the school principals understand their capacity at the age of 3 or 4 years of age !

Well my point is if you HAVE to take all these tests for so many things so that you are SURE that you are picking the right job/right career/right school/ right employee THEN why don’t we have a test to check if we are Eligible for Marriage?


Our Society ( specially INDIAN) should conduct this test once the boy or girl hits the so called marriageable age I assume looking back the standard – it should 22 and above…

No person may it be a girl of a boy should be allowed to enter a HOLY contract of marriage if he or she doesn’t score at least 7 out of 10 !

 So what does the test involve? What should be looked at ? 


( If you get a good score and you think you are on ! THEN please tie the knot!! ITS A BEAUTIFUL HOLY UNION !)

# 1 Do I want to Marry now ?

The most important question you need to answer ! You want to ? Do you feel ready ! Take a step back and breathe … and answer ! 


7 out of 10 people I come across dont have a clue of what they want in a partner … They are been told or know – I don’t want to live here, I don’t want to do this, I don’t want a short man/woman etc etc ! BUT they do not know what THEY WANT !!

When you make a list of what you want they are blank ! So, YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN A MAN/WOMAN


Now,This is such a disaster ! Most of the people I know are married because they had to! Or were crossing the age barrier ( let me know get started with that !)

When I asked so many of them why do you want to marry the most popular answer was, “ Bass ( means – enough in hindi) .. how long will I stay alone.. Mom Dad also want me to be married, everyone else are having children, everyone has someone to cuddle and talk “ and I am like ‘WHAT !” that is the reason you wanna tie the knot ! You might as well go on a date instead .. and get some action in life !

So, Before you decide to get married PLEASE make sure you know why you want to marry !! it could be as simple as I now want to share mu life with someone special ( then you have to go back to point 1!)


Marriage , is a crazy bond ! it gives you a lot and asks you to give up a lot more … and it still should feel right ! may it be man or a woman.. you should be ready – I mean happily be ok with giving up certain things not out of force but love

Are you up for it ? Think twice – only then take the decision and if you want to partially take on this point – then communicate this CLEARY to your partner !


Listen ! Seriously how much ever crap we listen in today’s society that there is not adjustment done – It’s a total bull !!

Every marriage /relationship needs a little sacrifice and adjustments to keep it running and healthy. And this does not mean one of them needs to do it – BOTH are equally involved and responsible for it !

# 6  TIME

OH boy ! That’s a touchy topic isn’t it ! Are you ready to give time to yourself and partner and your marriage with all the other things you are doing.

Have you reached that stage – that you want to INVEST you valuable time in the most valuable asset of your life ? IF yes – go right ahead – if NO then, hold your horses!


Both are totally needed in a marriage, you might have highs and lows… its understood but you need to be committed in working it out. If not you should love your self and the other to be clear enough- so that you let the other go !

Have you got that ?


Before you tie the knot or you are getting all mushy – remember you clearly communicate how you feel. It leads to understanding… or late after a while clarity turns into misunderstandings and communication is almost lost!


Do you have the faith in the institution of Marriage ? Do you trust yourself in the union – if you don’t you can never keep the other person’s trust and faith in you !

You will always keep doubting only because you lack trust in yourself, and in this holy union !

So… before you decide to tie the knot – TAKE THE TEST ! MARITUDE TEST !

Me Time ! Its my day.

Its not about a guy or a girl … cinepolisits not about work or leisure… Everyone deserves a ME time. And you have to get it.

Today after a year or so – I am going to do something I totally love doing! Spending some quality time with myself! OUT !
Relive some old days – or more like LIVE !

Lot of people tell me how you like to spend a whole day with yourself with no company – have lunch alone.. coffee alone and watch a movie alone…

But I say – I LOVE IT .

I love sitting in a coffee shop “Alone” with a book ..looking at people.. reflecting on past ( not complaining – reflecting ) planning what next … ways to do better !


Planning to watch a movie… enjoy it … Window shop.. look for good stuff ( which I haven’t done it over 2 years) give myself sometime…

WE tend to get so busy in meeting everyone’s needs .. that we forget we need to fulfill our need of self love too . ( special phenomenon with people who are givers – like me … ) Darling, there is no one to pamper me ( AS YET ) so I guess I have to do it myself J – Guess I am gonna treat myself with some chocolate cake too ! (Yummmm Yummmm )

Today is going to the be the day where I will be by myself … ideate.. See and observe people… people are the strangest things on this planet – some are nice some are not.. some have conscious some are just without spine.

Well I don’t care… I care who I am.. what I have become.. over the years learnt to let go.. forgive.. all these lessons were learnt when I have some ME time !

Today is a – No Laptop.. No Meeting.. No Planning.. No TO do List DAY !

There I go !! Where should I go? I think – There is a NEW mall in the place called Aundh ( it’s a kina suburb) will be a good choice… ( Decided then J )

Happy to spend and have a wonderful date with myself…

Something I have been craving for over about a year!

Try it. You will love it.

For those who have never gone and done things by themselves – that doesn’t include shopping! It means.. just spending free quality time ! THEN DO IT NOW !







The Graceful Dance Of – WORKLIFE BALANCE & TIPS

worklife balance - woman.jpg


I have met so many people from different walks of life across the globe – saying “I don’t have the time you see!” or “ I know man, I should but my hands are so full that I cant even spend time to breathe in peace!” REALLY ?

Many of us today are so busy making a living that we have no time to make a meaningful life.

The all so famous saying “Everything In Moderation is Good”- isn’t that what we all are trying to achieve here?

May it be men or women, young children, mothers, entrepreneurs, all of us – we are trying so hard to GET there, that we forget its ME who is going to get there . The getting there gets so important that we forget ourselves in it!

We have gotten so used to the feeling of stress, and being under constant pressure that we have now started getting comfortable with it, and we smartly slide it in saying, “Its OK to be stressed out a little – its life!” NO IT’S NOT!

Numerous studies have shown if you want to be successful, you have to be balanced with work and a personal life. You have to be happy. Even a country’s success is being measured by its gross happiness index and sadly we (India) are not even in the top 100.

We need to balance our lives out or we will surely feel the burnout sooner or later! The balance you and I are trying to strike is not as easy as it seems, I won’t lie. But it’s not that difficult either!

All this propaganda of WORK LIFE BALANCE is a trending thing – STOP – breathe and reflect… there is no point in just Hashtagging “worklife balance” you need to do it, to know it – to feel it. Making such a strong statement that, “We want peace – but we don’t want to do anything for it! We want a balance but we don’t want to centralize ourselves!” HOW are we gonna get there?

So, where is the balance? Where is the moderation? Who decides?

Gone are the days when after coming from work , we were home a 100% , thanks to the little thing called mobile phone !

WLB is a graceful dance of blending in all the ingredients of one’s Life: YOU, Work, family, friends, Health. WLB IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE! And YES there are easy ways to cultivate it but it surely needs determination.


# DRAW BOUNDARIES:Decide what you will and what you wont do at work and at home and inform others. STICK TO IT.

#BE HEALTHY:Health should be the most important thing you should look at. Start playing, jogging, or get sexy with yoga! (Whatever suits you)

# FIND MEANING AND FEED YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: The depth in relationships that you crave for – you won’t get if you are not in a meaningful relationship with yourself. And once you are aware of yourself, nurture the relationships with yourself, friends and family. If you are not happy at home you won’t be productive at work (not for a long time for sure). Give them quality time.

# ME TIME: You are your most valuable asset. Get to know yourself more, get more aware of your likes and dislikes, strengths and areas of improvement. Make time for yourself, pick up a hobby, learn something new, read, do what makes your soul alive.

#BE MINDFUL/MEDITATE: Be mindful, be present in the present. Meditation is not a biggy as portrayed. Just for a few moments get your attention to your regular rhythm of breathing, just feel and know that you are breathing. Once your entire focus is present – BANG! You are meditating! (well, good enough for a starter!). A good way to practice this, is join a weekly group that practices it.

#YOU AINT A SUPERMAN: You can’t do everything on your own! No, you are no superman (woman)! And It’s OK. Learn to be ok with not being able to fulfill everyone’s expectations. Ask for help if needed, may it be at work or in your personal life. See a healer, guide, friend philosopher and ask for help. Learn to LET GO !

#TAKE A BREAK: Go have some fun! Dinner, dance, holiday whatever makes you happy! Even a slice of cheesecake if that works!

#BE HAPPY: Do all the above and you are bound to flow in the streams of happiness. Remember happiness is a seed you have planted inside, water it- nurture it…and it is bound to bloom!

Stay Happy. Stay Focused. Stay balanced. Work Hard. And Live Life to the fullest.

I say become a MOD MONK ( modern monk )

Signing Off…..Anshul Bafna (Mod Monk)

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I wonder why people like complicated stuff!!
why can’t people say what you feel and feel what you say ?

K.I.S.S !! Keep It Simple Silly !!!

I have known people in all ways of lives – you have love in your heart and you can’t show it !! not cause u can’t! but cause – YOU SHOULDN’T  now what kind of crap is that !?

ohh… Have you seen or been one of those – who stare at the phone ? and contemplate for hours – he messaged/ she messaged – you can’t read –  It will give a blue tick on whatspp, by that I will have to reply – thinking – but i want to be the pricey one!! by not replying for at least 2 hours – with one that goes like this – ” ohh Hi.. I just saw ur msg! i was so busy !” while in reality you were just trying to build all the hype in the other persons mind… well, If you really were busy – its understandable ! BUT why complicate life? with lies.. and untruthful things…

I met a friend the other day , and he goes like ” Hey you know she texted – saying blah blah blah… ( can’t disclose) is she really trying hard for me?” I wanted to give him a piece of my mind and so I did ” WHY ??? GOD WHY??? For once.. may be.. this woman is just being nice.. and may be is just a chilled happy go lucky person – DO you really need to find hidden secrets and motives all the time ?? may be its her nature to reply to ALL her text messages immediately – may be she actually is a simple person – and doesn’t like to play games!! like the way you do !! DEAL with it !!”

But, I kept thinking… why do we complicate things, behaviours, relationships, everything that this universe showers us with – why can’t we Kiss it ! keeping it simple silly ! is the way.

Well I do understand business – and work areas where you need to twist things ( i don’t like it personally ) but not in interpersonal relationships !?

If you want to talk – pick up the phone and talk, if you want to tell the person off – be gentle but do it. If you like someone – please tell them. what is the hussshhh about .. what if? why does he/she be so nice? what will he think if i called ? what is she thinks I’m desperate?

And 0h- if someone is actually a sweet person and genuinely speaks in a simple tone with no notions attached – PLEASE let them be – don’t tag them with – WHY? is she/he really good – why has he replied to so soon , how come she picked my call in one go !( she had the fone in the hand you Jack – what did you want for it to ring 7 times before you heard hello!)

Really… We have so many twisted things in the universe what we still need to comprehend… why complicate simple things of life???

The simpler  your attitude towards yourself and others get the easier it is to feel happy inside…

KISS it !! or Miss it !!

Whatever 🙂

Love & All that Jazz ! I am love.

Sometimes I have this urge to write a letter to all the humans
Dear Humans beings…
Could you please stop it! You have got it all bloody wrong!!! I mean like really stop it now.
Like, com’on guyz you belong to the source……the source of unconditional love……the epitome of perfection !!A ball of pure love……. unadulterated…. Unfiltered….
HOLD ON – Look – !! We come down here and all of us act so witty… so bloody smart all of a sudden… showing off the ART of loving and perfecting and mastering unconditional love… HOLD ON! Weren’t you a part of unconditional love in the first place? Dint you come from there…. Good lord.. that is where you and I came from… that is where we are gonna go back to ! what is this I wanna learn to love … I wanna experience the unconditional love…dammit!!! crap!!! YOU ARE LOVE.. every inch of ur soul – flesh and body radiates pure love…Its just to know it… we are here wearing the clothes of hatred, jealousy, empathy, longing, desire, lust, wanting, anger… and that is what we should be able strip… that striping is what needs attention !!
You do not need to learn perfect love… you know what we need to bloody well learn – we need to learn – crazy love… going bonkers love… letting go in love… feeling the uneasiness when u see you love go… feel the heart ache in pain… learn messed up love… learn when someone loves and cant show it kind of love… learn to love your own broken pieces… learn to love the love that breaks you.. the one that makes you cry … the one that makes you desire… the messy love.. the one you stumble upon… the one that when you know you really screwed up!!
All of it. Just all of it.
Don’t need to come to earth to learn unconditional love… you need to come to earth to learn all the other things that hinder your true unconditional love… your true self… your divine self…
You have stumbled. You have hurt. You have scared. It hurts. It pains – but still then – you walk right again – NOW that is what you and I have come here for…
LOVE doesn’t need any adjective. LOVE is LOVE. No suffixes and no prefixes shall do any good..nor can they beautify love or make it ugly… it doesn’t require modification… its just show your true self! And BE there… be present. Be aware…
In all.. in your shine. In your fly. In your laugh. In your cry. In your heart. In your hurt. In your love. In your trust. In your betrayal. And you HEAL. Just be there.
When all this will strip off… you n I will know… what you have been trying to learn…. U have been an expert at it all along..
So long… love !!!

#2 # Lesson of Lovife #2

Lesson of Lovife #2  – Don’t wait for an apology or confrontation… you might never get it – or sometimes you are better of without it.  Let go – Heal !!! LOVE yourself. Be CALM and Be HAPPY. SMILE.

Man im on fire today …. Its all spilling out !!!

Anyway so…ummm

So I was thinking… well all of us go through phases where you want to put your calm, quite self in the corner of the room… and slam shut the door. Walk out with grace and punch the hell out of someone who has really pissed you off !! Taken you for a ride 

Do you? So what do you do? I have been through these phases so many times… and sometimes still do. When you think of someone and what they have done or said or behaved makes your blood boil… heart beat so fast that you can feel it in the throat. Nerves on the temple of your head flare up wanting to burst.. your eyes rage with disappointment more than anger.

All you think of is to pick the phone and swear the shit out of the person concerned!!! You know you are hurting… you know you are angry! You know you need a closure! You know you were correct ! You know you have been so deeply wronged by someone… now.. someone time in your life…

These emotions are going to carry forward with you all your life – do you really wanna carry this baggage!?

Its Disappointment ? With whom?

Think again…

One of the biggest lessons of my LOVIFE is sometimes keeping silent is the best thing – that doesn’t make you weak or gullible- but it is important to know when it is worth spending your valuable energy on something or someone. You are going through emotional drama because you did spend your energy on that on the first place !!! dint you!? Why the bloody hell should you do it again!

#LESSON: Angry on someone? Angry on a situation? Think is it worth the fight or the argument. Not everyone you argued or debated with once upon a time is still worth the effort. Sometimes its best to keep silent. If someone cares enough he/she will comeback to clarify. And If he/she doesn’t then you have made a perfect choice of keeping mum.

*Remember : if you are correct – and are sure of it… its good. You cant explain and show people your side of the story if they don’t see any issue with their own behaviour !!

If you are the one who screwed it up – and you know it … then you know what to know.. roll up the sleeve and face the person… helps one heal.. or else you will be with the feeling inside your heart for the rest of your life..

For those who have been on the the receiving end – Just let go.its not worth it.. it will slowly fade away……face it and release the feeling…Self love is the first step to self healing !!!

Affirm: I am healing and love fills my heart with no regrets and no grudges.. I release the situation… breathing in the love of life… and soaking in the lessons of Life !

free yourself … 

See you later with more LOVIFE lessons!